Increasing Efficiency With Bar Code Routing

    Riza Celep  15 September 2011 21:19:58

    Image:Increasing Efficiency With Bar Code Routing

    Whether you’re receiving just few or thousands of faxes daily, it should be clear to you that sorting faxes manually can be a time consuming task. Extracomm’s ExtraFax, the leading network faxing solution for Domino, can help organizations to increase their faxing efficiency with the superior inbound routing options available.
    A critical functionality of any faxing solution is its ability to determine the right recipient of an incoming fax document. When a fax arrives, ExtraFax can route the fax document based on CSID, IVR, DID/DTMF, Caller ID, PORT level or bar code. Bar code includes generating and recognizing QR bar codes (right), and 3 of 9 bar codes (left).  
    Image:Increasing Efficiency With Bar Code RoutingImage:Increasing Efficiency With Bar Code Routing
    Organizations that use standardized forms or applications can leverage ExtraFax’s bar code routing functionality to increase efficiency and save on costs, time and headaches associated with manually sorting faxes. With ExtraFax’s different routing options, your staff can be assured that each fax will be delivered exactly where it needs to be.

    This is just one of ExtraFax’s great features and benefits. Click here to download and try ExtraFax - and learn more about what makes Extracomm’s ExtraFax the leading faxing solution for Domino.

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