ExtraFax Virtualization

    Riza Celep  31 July 2012 03:01:10
    Image:ExtraFax Virtualization

    With the ongoing trend in many organizations to consolidate and reduce the number of physical servers in their environment to help save capital and operating costs, many companies continue to virtualize their servers. Running servers in a virtual environment such as VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V has quickly become the new standard in I.T. datacenters.
    At Extracomm, many customers have asked us “I want to virtualize my ExtraFax server. How can I do this?” Generally speaking, there has always been one major hurdle to overcome as it relates to being able to virtualize any fax server, including ExtraFax. The main issue relates to the fact that fax boards are not natively compatible when installed directly within virtual server hardware. This dilemma has prevented many organizations from being able to virtualize their ExtraFax server.
    Click here to review this document which will highlight some of the different methods that organizations can consider which would allow them to virtualize their ExtraFax server implementation, including 100% Virtualization of an ExtraFax server using T.38 FoIP(Fax over IP).
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