Valuable Organizational Data

    Riza Celep  5 August 2011 22:00:31

    Don’t be caught off guard and loose valuable organizational data

    Implementing proper security measures for your Domino environment is critical for several reasons. One reason is to protect valuable organizational data since its precious and holds value just like all other business assets. Such critical data, including e-mail and database documents are both vital to the organization's continued success. E-mail data and database documents could contain valuable information such as customer contact names, client list, sales records, marketing documents, phone numbers, addresses and other confidential information.

    How issues can arise

    If the organization gets caught off guard without a proper security tool, losing such data could be extremely harmful to the business and its survival. One source that is likely to produce this act is a disgruntled employee. Disgruntled employees may intentionally bulk delete e-mail or database documents in an attempt to get even with the organization. Securing your Domino environment with the proper tools can significantly reduce or eliminate such issues for your organization.  

    How to prevent such dilemmas

    Why risk losing critical organizational data? SecurTrac’s bulk action detection feature can be configured to monitor for any bulk action that occurs within your Domino environment, such as bulk deletion of e-mail or database documents. With real-time notification alerts when SecurTrac monitors are triggered, and the ability to rollback and easily restore deleted data with click of a button, SecurTrac gives you the ultimate tool to enhance security for your Domino environment.

    These are just some of SecurTrac’s great features and benefits.
    •  Monitor your mail, database, directory, notes.ini, user activity and more.
    • Enables compliance for internal and external regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and CFR Part 11.
    • Ability to implement a mail policy filter.
    • Perform eDiscovery searches within over voluminous data, which otherwise may be impossible to conduct manually.

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