Do you fear that...

    Riza Celep  9 December 2011 00:04:01
    Image:Do you fear that...

    Do you fear that...
    • Your Domino server databases, documents, design elements, Access Control Lists (ACLs) or Domino directory are being changed, updated or deleted unexpectedly?
    • There is trade secrets being transmitted to competitors via the corporate e-mail system?
    • Your Lotus Domino server configuration is changing mysteriously?
    • Valuable corporate emails or database documents are being deleted unexpectedly or all at once?
    • Lotus Notes user id files have been compromised in your environment?  

    More importantly, do you feel that there is questionable internal access that can threaten your Domino environment?

    Wouldn’t you like to log, monitor and receive real-time notifications for these events? Does management or external regulations such as SOX or HIPAA require you to log and monitor these events?

    If so, check out SecurTrac, the leading compliance and auditing solution for Domino.

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