Make a switch for the better

    Riza Celep  9 December 2011 00:09:36
    Image:Make a switch for the better

    So you have invested in a faxing solution, but the administration and integration into Domino is not as seamless as you would like. To make things even worse, your current solution does not have a central database to run on and keeps crashing at the most critical times.

    With the New Year approaching, what are your options? Wouldn’t your faxing environment benefit from a newer, better and a more cost effective solution?

    Extracomm is proud to announce the return of the ExtraFax “Switch For Free” promotion. Simply provide Extracomm with a proof of purchase of a major network faxing solution and we will provide the equivalent ExtraFax product! Just pay maintenance plus for 3 years and obtain the leading Domino faxing solution available at no additional charge! Contact Extracomm for more information.

    Top 10 Reasons to Switch to ExtraFax.

    Promotion expires March 31, 2012.