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    How to query other people out-of-office status in IBM/Lotus Notes

    Alex Chan  June 10 2014 11:45:27 PM

    Is John out of the office?

    "Is John in the office today? His Out-of-Office notification said that he will return today," Mary asked.

    "I am not sure but I heard that he has extended the vacation," Peter replied.

    "Did he change his return date?  You know, I won't receive another Out-of-Office notification even he changed his schedule. How can I check his latest Out-of-Office status?" Mary asked.

    "You can use Query Out-of-Office Status side-bar widget in your Notes client and you will get the answer instantly," Peter replied.

    Currently, some ways to find out an individuals out of office status is to:

    • Ask others within the organization or visit the individual’s specific department or location to find out
    • Send an email to the user and wait to receive the Out of Office notification
    With the above options, chances are that you may not get a quick answer right away without having to spend time and effort searching.

    Thankfully, Out of Office Manager’s ability to query other user Out of Office status will save you effort and time in which you will have the answer instantly. Out of Office Manager allows querying other out of office status via the iPhone or Android OOO App, or the Notes sidebar widget.  As the below screenshots illustrate, simply type a username or group name and you will get the out of office status of user(s) instantly.


    ** Notes Sidebar Widget **
    ** iPhone App **

    Image:How to query other people out-of-office status in IBM/Lotus Notes

    Image:How to query other people out-of-office status in IBM/Lotus Notes

    The great thing about this feature is that the out of office status will be the latest status, even if the user changed or updated the out of office schedule just minutes prior.  

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      Enable an out-of-office message when an employee calls in sick

      Alex Chan  January 9 2014 03:20:46 AM
      In Notes 8 or above, you can enable out-of-office message on behalf of someone else.

      But there is one requirement, you must be the delegate with Editor-level or above rights to the user's mail file.

      This means the delegate has full access to the user's mails. This is undesirable.

      We want someone who can help to enable or disable or update the out-of-office settings. But we don't want this person having the rights to peek at the users' mails.

      Out-of-Office Manager from Extracomm is the solution that allow central management of out-of-office settings by help-desk or Domino administrators.

      Extracomm's Out-of-Office Manager

      IBM Notes Out of Office (OOO) Management: Today and Beyond

        How to analyze questionable deletions in a Notes database

        Alex Chan  November 29 2013 02:47:20 AM
        I came across a technote (FAQ) from IBM today. The title is "How to analyze questionable deletions in a Notes database".

        You can find the full technote here.

        "Is there a way to analyze if the documents were in fact deleted and is it possible to find out what the source of the deletion was?"

        "Notes does not explicitly log deletions for a database so there is no way to definitively check the source of a deleted document."

        Right. It is very difficult and almost impossible to find out the answer for the question by built-in Domino logging features.

        However, this difficult question comes up very often. You might ask this question or being asked this question before.

        To answer this question, you need a tool which can provide info of

        1) Who deleted it?
        2) When did it happen?
        3) What was deleted?
        4) Source of the deletion?

        With Extracomm's SecurTrac, all info is captured by SecurTrac.

        Image:How to analyze questionable deletions in a Notes database

        Initiator: The person who deleted the document.  If the document was deleted by replication, the Initiator is the source server which pushed the deletion and the Is From Replication flag will be Yes.

        Time: The date and time of the deletion happened.

        Database path and Document ID: It shows you which database and which document was deleted.

        Service: "nserver" means it was deleted from a Notes client. "namgr" means it was deleted by an Notes Agent. "nhttp" means it was deleted by a browser.

        Restore the document: You can restore the deleted document by clicking the "Restore the document" button.

        For more details, visit SecurTrac product page

          You can now set Out-of-Office noticiatons in IBM Notes in different date formats to avoid confusion

          Alex Chan  September 25 2013 05:20:15 AM
          With the release of Out-of-Office Manager 2.1.9, Out-of-Office notifications can now be sent in various different date formats.

          Sep 10, 2013
          September 10, 2013
          Tuesday, September 10, 2013

          Have you ever encountered problem in interpreting DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY when the mails are sent across countries?  When the date is sent in format "Sep 10, 2013", this will surely avoid the confusion.

          Image:You can now set Out-of-Office noticiatons in IBM Notes in different date formats to avoid confusion

          Date format available:
          • Default
          • Short Date Format
          • Medium Date Format
          • Long Date Format
          • Full Date Format
          • DD/MM/YYYY
          • MM/DD/YYYY
          • YYYY/MM/DD
          • DD MMM, YYYY
          • MMM DD, YYYY
          • day, DD MMMM, YYYY
          • day, MMMM DD, YYYY

          For more details,


            How to scan and fax documents using your smart phone

            Riza Celep  August 26 2013 04:00:29 PM

            Have you ever thought that your smart phone can be used as your fax machine? Have you ever had the need to fax a document but didn't have a fax machine nearby?

            With the staggering rate of smart phone adoption worldwide and the increasing quality of the phone camera, scanning a document and faxing it via your mobile device can be as easy as sending an email.


            1.        iPhone with a document scan app.

            2.        ExtraFax server in your environment.


            Install a document scanner program. In the example below, we have used "Genius Scan - PDF Scanner" iPhone application. This application can be downloaded from below link.


            Scan to Fax:

            1.  Start the scanner program.

            2.  Capture the document.

            Image:How to scan and fax documents using your smart phone

            3. Click "Use". The document will be trimmed and turned into black and white (see below).

            Image:How to scan and fax documents using your smart phone

            4. Next, click the "forward" button on the bottom right hand corner.

            Image:How to scan and fax documents using your smart phone

            5. Click "Email" as your method of delivery.

            Image:How to scan and fax documents using your smart phone

            6. Select Actual size for best quality.

            Image:How to scan and fax documents using your smart phone

            7. Email it to ExtraFax to complete the faxing job.

            The email to fax addressing format is:

            In our example, "12345678" is the fax number and "extrafax.extracomm.com" is the Internet email domain configured.

            8. Done. Your document will be faxed via ExtraFax and you will receive a confirmation report via email.

              Introducing ExtraFax for Exchange

              Riza Celep  July 24 2013 02:09:11 PM

              Image:Introducing ExtraFax for Exchange

              The wait is almost over. ExtraFax for Microsoft Exchange will be released on August 6, 2013.

              As part of our ongoing efforts to provide "The Ultimate Fax Server" in the world, we are super excited to announce that ExtraFax will soon be available for Microsoft Exchange! Our valued customers will soon be able to experience the full benefits of ExtraFax on both IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange.


              Whether you’re an existing or a potential customer, we are looking forward to providing you options to suit your company’s faxing needs. We will be more than happy to provide you free evaluation version of ExtraFax so you can experience the full benefits and features within your own environment.

              Stay tuned for the latest information on our Microsoft Exchange version release!

                Growing need for transparency. Do you have the necessary tools?

                Riza Celep  July 24 2013 01:21:37 PM

                Image:Growing need for transparency. Do you have the necessary tools?

                In today’s economic climate, companies are constantly faced with strained budgets and are focused on keeping costs low in order to remain competitive. With this being said, companies are still spending hefty amount on compliance and auditing tools – all thanks to growing corporate need and government regulatory transparency. To meet such requirements, companies are always on the lookout for robust and reliable tools that will facilitate information logging and reporting, solutions that are proven and easy to use with enterprise wide implementation. Having such tools assists companies in meeting compliance and auditing requirements, whether internal or for external policies.

                Since its release, Extracomm’s SecurTrac solution has assisted many companies in enabling compliance requirements (internal and external). SecurTrac, a comprehensive tool that monitors and audits your knowledge assets, is a non-disruptive and non intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all objects, as well as all operational activities within the IBM Notes Domino environment.

                Click here to Download a free 30 day evaluation of SecurTrac.
                Click here for the SecurTrac product page.

                Why wait until its too late?

                Riza Celep  August 31 2012 02:53:00 PM

                Image:Why wait until its too late?

                In a world full of regulations, threats and constant exchange of information, organization’s need go well beyond securing their environment and take proper action before it is too late.

                In any corporate environment, unexpected activities travel through a Domino environment everyday and typically go undetected until it is too late to take corrective action. At that point, when auditors and/or management come knocking on the door looking for specific information, you have not logged anything, resulting in major losses for the organization.

                One significant problem is that some organizations tend to wait and put other priorities ahead, causing to delay their compliance and auditing requirements until it’s too late. From our past experience, we normally recommend to log and monitor your Domino environment early as possible before an issue arises and emergency situation does occur. Essentially, organizations have to perpetually monitor and log all the activities in their Domino environment in order to know who did exactly what, when, where and how.  In today’s business world, the stakes are high and accountability is everything.

                What is an audit trail and why is it needed?

                Image:Why wait until its too late?

                In simplest terms, an audit trail will seize the bad guys, detect inconsistencies, demonstrate compliance and assure that your organization is protected against internal and external threats. More importantly, it assures that all the activities that travel through your Domino Environment is used only in intended and appropriate ways. This logged information can be the difference maker for an organizations success and protects them against significant losses that often go undetected until it’s too late.

                So why wait?

                SecurTrac is a non-disruptive and non-intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all user activities and other objects within IBM Lotus Notes and Domino.

                Product Resource links:

                - SecurTrac brochure
                - Success Stories
                - SecurTrac product page
                - SecurTrac recorded web demo

                  ExtraFax Virtualization

                  Riza Celep  July 31 2012 03:01:10 PM
                  Image:ExtraFax Virtualization

                  With the ongoing trend in many organizations to consolidate and reduce the number of physical servers in their environment to help save capital and operating costs, many companies continue to virtualize their servers. Running servers in a virtual environment such as VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V has quickly become the new standard in I.T. datacenters.
                  At Extracomm, many customers have asked us “I want to virtualize my ExtraFax server. How can I do this?” Generally speaking, there has always been one major hurdle to overcome as it relates to being able to virtualize any fax server, including ExtraFax. The main issue relates to the fact that fax boards are not natively compatible when installed directly within virtual server hardware. This dilemma has prevented many organizations from being able to virtualize their ExtraFax server.
                  Click here to review this document which will highlight some of the different methods that organizations can consider which would allow them to virtualize their ExtraFax server implementation, including 100% Virtualization of an ExtraFax server using T.38 FoIP(Fax over IP).
                  Click here for ExtraFax product page.

                    Customer Testimonial - Leading Industrial Company Deploys Out of Office Manager

                    Riza Celep  March 2 2012 04:03:04 PM

                    Leading Industrial Company Deploys Out of Office Manager

                    Image:Customer Testimonial - Leading Industrial Company Deploys Out of Office Manager

                    “I actually deployed Out Of Office Manager this morning, tested it and asked 4 other IT users with iOS to test it for me as well.  Deployment was simple and straightforward.  The app performs its function reliably and we are quite happy with what it does.  I also tested the web app, which was a snap to setup and use and I can easily train everyone else in IT how to use it. An interesting benefit I've found by putting the Out of Office Manager on our extranet Domino server is that users without VPN or Traveler access can still manage their own out of office. Pretty handy!”

                           - IT Manager

                    Click here to visit Out of office Manager product page.

                    Click here to obtain a 7 day free trial of Out of Office Manager.