Extracomm Out of Office (OOO) iPhone App

    Riza Celep  7 November 2011 05:17:42

    Image:Extracomm Out of Office (OOO) iPhone App

    Why you should use it

    Have you ever come across a time where you forgot to set your out of office notification, before going on a business trip or vacation? If so, you are not alone.

    Although this can be resolved by making a trip back to your office to enable the out of office notification, what if you are already too far away to consider that option? Is it really worth the time, headache and of course, the risk of not enabling it?

    This is where Extracomm’s recently released Out of Office (OOO) iPhone App comes to the rescue.

    Developed by Extracomm, the Out of Office (OOO) iPhone App will allow you to set your Out of Office notification from your device at your fingertips, regardless of where you are!

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